Matthias Moos

Borderline Syndrome

Interactive audiovisual show with live electronic music and generative visuals; Year: 2015 – 2017

An immersive, interactive live AV Show for clubbing environments. The project was a collaboration between Georg Bleikolm aka KnoR and Matthias Moos aka Mativa. It evolved around KnoRs electronic live music and was mostly shown in music clubs and festivals around Switzerland, Europe, China and at the Festival du Nouveau Film in Montreal/CA. The Live Show featured ever evolving tracks by Bleikolm, generative, immersive live Visuals and an interactive video installation by Moos, a VR Version of Moos’ Noise AV Act “The Purest Of All Sounds” and Music Videos by Xaver Xylophon.

A highlight of the project was certainly the tour in China, where the project was shown in clubs and parties in seven cities around the country.

The original website of Borderline Syndrome can be found here:

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